David Derer

I remember going to our first "organized" swim. I learned a lot on how
<u>not</u> to do it. The Lake Geneva event has come together with minimal
planning. The only plan for this year was the first place to meet and when.
Knowing that it is surrounded by motels and restaurants. My annual Swim
With Dave takes more work. Getting ok to use boat club, buying food, trying
to estimate turn out, making dash plaques, contacting news papers, etc.
In a couple of weeks I will water test out another place. Near Byron Illinois
on the Rock River. This is the same river we spent nearly 8 hours on and
saw one other boat. As Celina goes we decided that as long as it is growing
we wont move. It is unique in many ways. We have solicited ideas for other
locations. So get out look at possible sites that can handle a large crowd.
I am sure all of us would not mind a new adventure at a new location. Later
Dave the Wave

Dave Derer

I plan on attending the Racine show Thursday. The dates for Lake Geneva
are September 28-29. This is a GREAT time. Turn out is bigger every
year. We will have more details after Racine.We are still debating
Holland Michigan on September 6-7. It is very tempting with the canals
and windmills making for a beautiful place. Swim with Dave the Wave May
17th 2003 will be near Byron Illinois on the Rock River. I rented out
the bed and breakfast type motel. six rooms with rv parking also. This
is a cool place with a boat ramp. We cruised up river last week with
Amphi then jumped out and floated down. I dont know about you but my
room is reserved for Celina 2003! Later Dave the Wave. If interested in
project Amphi call me at 815 849 5498. Also Roger Sallee has a couple
of cars too 8500 to 28500.