EVENT - Looking for Amphicars to attend Worlds Fair Anniv May 18

Jon March

Hi - Im working with the Worlds Fair 50th Anniversary team. You may have seen the news coverage about the "opening day anniversary" this past Tuesday

Thousands Show Up To Celebrate 50th Anniversary ...
They lined up by the thousands, just like they poured onto the grounds on this day back in 1964. They carried their World’s Fair identification cards, and so many m...

>>>> MAY 18 is the big event: Are there any Amphi's in the NY area that could come on Sunday May 18 - its gonna be huge.

Maybe we can find a splash-in area or at least a pond with a decent ramp there? But even if they dont swim, it will be a triumphant return to the place that millions of people first saw the coolest car ever made!

1964 WaterCar AmphiCar 16mm 1080i ProRes HD fr...


Email me at jmarch100@yahoo.com



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Cool idea. You may be able to get some Amphicars to show up but accommodations will be key. Will they be able to drive into the park where they will be on display? If they have to park at the Willets metro station, I doubt many will show up.



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The 17 second video shows a white car with black moldings! My avatar shows a red car coming onshore on the same ramp. People have tried to tell me, for years, that only white cars with red trim were used at the Fair! The Fair was a wonderful event, I attended both years and we purchased our first Amphicar, after theFair, later in '65. A quick trip to NYC just might be in my (near) future. Gary.

Jon March

Gary - would love to have you represent the Amphi's on Sun May 18! Im confident there would be no problem driving right into the park, and roping it off - I have stanchions & ropes if needed - i will find out more!

Jon March

4-star, very reasonable Laguardia Holiday Inn next to Mets Stadium has security-guarded parking garage - 1/2 mile from the Worlds Fair Park
Screen shot 2014-04-26 at 12.25.51 PM.png


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Ron Trudrea from NH trailered his car and stoped near Boston and picked up Gery O Bera and his car.
They were not aloud to go in water but they had a good day anyway.
Thanx Ron for your effort to represent the Amphicar Comuinity!
Ron just spent 2 weeks here at my place, After a good swim in the lake his motor droppewd a valve and the last few days were spent rebuilding his motor.He drives so carfull you Know.... NOT!
He was not able to stay for the upcoming swim in June 28th!

Jon March

It was wonderful!!
Ron & Gerry & their first-mates made it an even MORE special time for the 50 thousand or so visitors!
An historic Amphicar event that will not be seen again in our lifetime.
THANKS ALL!! Jon March, future Amphicar owner - keep my email if you ever come across a reasonable unit- jmarch100@yahoo.com. (Im in New England)

Watch these!!

Amphi splah World's Fair souvenir flyer.jpg