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<tt>Interesting related story re plastics. I'm fitting new plastic heating
pipework to my house at the moment, it is normally buried in the concrete
floor to give underfloor heating - very popular in Europe. I noticed that
the specification had changed, I checked and the manufactures told me the
German government had forced them to change the formula of the plastic to
reduce the design life of the product from the original 100 plus years to 50
years - this is because of new laws about ensuring everything is capable of
being recycled once it's average expected end of life is reached.

It does sound a bit silly that they are being forced to reduce product
quality but the more you think about it...... Other parts of the heating
system are designed for a 30 year life and there is about half a mile of
people in this house alone so if whoever lives here - and the neighbours -
all rip it out in 2034 that is a huge pile of plastic to get rid of !

David C

<tt>Makes you wonder how they estimate the capabilities of the recycling industry 50 years from now. <g></tt>
<tt>BTW, with a half a mile of people in your house, scheduling bathroom availability must be tricky!</tt>
El Cajon, CA USA
67 Rust Guppy

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