Enron & Amphi - Some Good News...



Enron & Amphi - Some Good News...

Enron & Amphi don't share anything in
common, not even letters in their names.
Their presidents don't have any similarities,
nor do their board of directors. Profit
allocations are completely different and
accounting practices are reported at the
farthest ends of the spectrum from one
another. In fact Amphi couldn't give a
fat rat's pink arse about Enron and vice
versa. So you're probably wondering
why I bothered to post such nonsense
on the board... well my amphibious
amigos... it is relevant from the stand
point of being good news and it's just
that sort of thing that makes Amphi
part of the good life. Just think my
fine finned friends, Amphi makes good
business sense, is responsible, and has
total accountability - a far cry from
reported Enron activity. There is one minor
similarity that I could overlook, but
I'd be remiss in my disclosure duties,
that being both slightly exaggerate their
ability to.... NO!, I won't say it! I'll
leave it to YOU to figure out. First one
to peg it gets a bottle of fine Tequila
at Celina 2002.

`64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA