Engines and tranys


Gord Souter

How can anyone spend (allot) of money on a restoration and not take a engine
or trany apart to check for age damage..you would not do that in a airplane
that's for sure.On cars I restore this is the 1st thing I do...
The heart of a Amphicar is the trany and the motor are its lungs and
my latest restoation is a car that drove and ran good but I take them all
apart..I found that one of the conecting rods was bent so bad, it was
touching the cylinder wall.(I think I will go take a pic of it and put in my
files.. let me know if you want it sent via email to you)
I have an engine at the machine shop now that was left outside and stuck. On
tear down we found that water had been sitting on the piston so long it
rusted a 1/8 in, deep pots in the cylinder.
It will get 4 new cylinder sleves and be brought back to life..Any engine
that has been sitting 30 years and not properly pickled should be
dissasembled and inspected.
Trany.. If you were at the Cellina teck session on Thrusday you know again
how I stress that All tranys should be taken apart to get that black gunge
out of the bottom. 90% of tranys I take apart have lots of this stuff still
in there even after a couple days of gear oil draining.
allmost all gears and bearings and seals are avaliable for the trany, threw
ME, Dave the wave, or Hugh Gordon.
Gord Souter,Canadian 4 amphs,
L3V 6H4

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ECR staff

>How can anyone spend (allot) of money on a restoration and not take a engine
>or trany apart

I'm in the restoration business and we see this all the time.
The word "restoration" means a lot of things to a lot of different
people. To some it means you take everything apart and make it
excellent again. To some it means a ton of body filler, new paint and
give the engine new plugs and wires.
There was a funny thing about this in Hemmings Motor News years ago
where they took terms and put the real meanings with them.
They said "ground up restoration" was "some guy took the car apart,
"ground it up" and you get what is left over."

Mike Smith

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