Engine timing


Ken Chambers

I did do the timing advance thing once I got to the lake. The little knurled
thumb wheel on the distributor marked A(dvance) and
R(etard) makes it very easy. (Advance for altitude, Retard for rotten gas). I
think maybe, just maybe, it helped get a smidge
more power out of the engine up there. That still didn't do much for the very
rich fuel/air mixture. I feel (ie, smell) that my
engine runs a little rich even at home (well, that's 2200 feet), so I'd like to
try changing the main jet in the carb to run a bit
leaner. I'll give a call to the guy at the carburetor shop who works on these
Solex carbs and report back my findings.

Ken Chambers, CA
'64 Amphi

> then you may want to advance your
> Amphicar's engine timing approximately one degree per thousand feet of
> elevation to compensate