Engine Stand


Ed Price

I have just pulled my engine, and now have it hanging from my hydraulic crane. I
was originally planning to mount the engine to my engine stand using the four
bolts at the rear of the clutch bell housing, but I found that those bolts were
male threaded studs, only about 1" long. Since the engine stand has four
adjustable mounting arms, each equipped with a steel tube about 3" long, I
couldn't figure out how to use the stand on those studs.
Plan B then involved removing the clutch bell housing. (There was about a pint
of engine oil in the bottom of the bell housing, so I guess that tells me that
the rear oil seal is bad!) Anyway, I'm now looking at the rear of the engine,
with the flywheel and clutch exposed. There is a large, but not very thick,
plate between the flywheel and the block. The question now is which holes in
this plate are the best to use to mount to the engine stand.

The bottom starter hole seems like one good point. Then there's a slightly
larger bolt hole at 5 o'clock.

At the top, there are 4 points, arrayed from 11 o'clock to 1 o'clock; a short
male stud, a female tapped hole into the block, a locating pin, and another
female tapped hole into the block. I suppose the two holes into the block are
best, although the attachment points are pretty close together.

So, does the group concur with my plan, or is there a better way?


El Cajon
67 Rust Guppy

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