Engine oil priming tool


Anyone ever used an engine oil priming tool in the triumph engines? I have a 1500 I'll be installing soon and want to prime the oil system. Can this be done on these engines my pulling the distributer pedestal and gear and using a tool of some sort to adapt a drill to the pump shaft. If so where can I get that tool?


Generally in a small engine like this, if the engine parts are well coated with an assembly lube (available at any auto parts store) pre oiling the engine is not necessary. Just start it and let it idle until the pressure comes up. The fresh oil will wash the assembly lube out. Be sure to use assembly lube on the oil pump gears so they seal well and pick up the oil right away.


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That a neat Idea, , a used dist. could be hacked and a tool made up,
But if you take the cam drive gear out you have to reset the gear back in properly(there is only one way)
and reset timing of Dist.Usually if you rebuild a motor there is lub on all the improtant parts for the 10 seconds it takes for pump to fill oil filter,
If its a old sitting motor, a fresh oil change will at least oil the lifters.
But I recomend takeing oil pan off and removing sludge (There will be lots)
Same with tranys!!!


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We crank the Motor with ignition off by starter motor and monitor the oil lamp.
It takes up to a minute until lamp turns off.