engine cover Amphicar model


Dave Derer

Way too short but great visit with Gord Souter. I picked up one of his
engine covers and hood. The hood has some nice improvements over the
ones I had been selling. Such as horn mounting. He made hinge area
mounting easier too with smoother underneath. Engine cover will fill a
need. I got first one made and in a hurry so it is a bit rough but is so
much nicer than dealing with rusted dented crap, which will get funky
doodle in a matter of time. I do like the way those brake shoes look. I
gave him an extra set of cores so that will help in turn around time for
others. Margie proudly showed of collapsable fishing pole set. Red
Amphicar model will be auctioned off for charity in March. Club web site
has pic. Later Dave the Wave