engine block



I need a 1147 engine block. I bought an amphi last year from someone in the midwest that was supposed to have been restored. Rebuilt engine, trans and water trans. After less then 100 miles on the car the engine developed a very noticable knock in the lower end. After removing the engine and leaving it with a mechanic who only works on these engines, I thought it would be a matter of time before I had my car running and ready to swim.

Imagine my surprise when he called and said the main bearing caps were not even for that engine. I asked about line boring the block and was told it was so far out that it could not be made right and to start looking for a new block.

Now I can understand how things can go wrong in an engine and that problems do occur but this was noaccident. This engine was put together in such a sloopy manner, with mismatched or substandard parts, even the lifters were in terrible condition withchips just smaller than the size of pencil erasers missing.

The person who rebuilt this engine knows who he is and no doubt will deny any knowledge of it but he and I know who you are.

It's a shame that you can not even trust someone who belongs to such a wonderful club as this. All I can say is when you are told something has been rebuilt you had better do some checking into it before you start making money available.

So if anyone has a bare block that has the correct bearing caps let me know and I'll have a qualified person check to make sure I get what I'm paying for this time and not taken for a ride.


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