Email addresses


Ken Chambers

> << I'm trying to send you a private email but it keeps being bounced back as
> undeliverable. Please contact me. >>
> yahoo groups often alters or distorts email addresses to protect the
> innocent. You must verify email addresses as the one printed on the message
> is often inaccurate.

Yahoo truncates our email addresses in the Members Directory and in Message
archives to avoid bulk collection in the fight against spam. However, our email
addresses ARE visible to members during regular postings. That's how we can
reply individually. In this one instance, however, my reply to Chris keeps
getting bounced back.

An excerpt from Yahoo Help:
We do everything we can to make this difficult to do in an automated fashion
(the gathering of email addresses for spamming purposes), but if you use Groups,
it is very likely that others users will be able to see your email address.

What we do to protect your address:
Yahoo! Groups has built a system around the concept of preventing bulk
"harvesting" of email addresses. There are several protections in place:
Non-members of a group never have access to the Members area.
When members are given access to the Members area (a per-group option set by the
moderator), they can only see profile information you've told us to display,
and your truncated email address (e.g., "joe@x...").
Message archives on the Yahoo! Groups web site display truncated email addresses
(e.g., "joe@x...").

Important information about protecting your address:
Whenever you join a group, your email address will be available to the owner and
moderators of that group.
Whenever you post a message to a group, your email address will be visible to
those members of the group set to receive messages via email. If you are
concerned about your email address being known to other members, we suggest you
set up a special address for Groups using a service such as Yahoo! Mail.

Ken Chambers, CA
'64 Amphi