electronic ignition - another option


Brad Kahler

I've been following the discussion on electronic igntion systems with
some interest. My fiancee and I have a 64 Triumph spitfire with the
same basic engine as the Amphicar. I installed a Pertonix Ignitor
ignition system in the car about 2 years ago and it make an incredible
difference in the way the car ran. At the time the module I bought was
$89 but I think they have come done a little since then.

I just checked with Pertronix and found that they have a module that
will work on the amphicar IF you have it wired for negative ground.
The part number is LU-149. They very possibly have a unit for positive
ground as well as I know they sell units for postive ground cars.

They fit the units by distributor brand and model number. Our
Amphicar had a Lucas DM2 distributor with part nmber 40743A. I'm
fairly certain this is the original distributor with the car so the LU-149
should work for most Amphicars.

The nice thing about the Pertronix unit is all of it fits inside the
distributor cap. The only thing noticeable when installed is it has 2
wires that run from the distributor to the coil instead of one. Installation
is VERY VERY easy.

We drove our spitfire from Breckenridge Colorado to Dallas Texas and
the car ran just great. Before installing the pertronix unit I had a hard
time getting the car to rev smoothly over 4000 rpm. I tried different
points to no avail. After installing the pertronix I an rev over 5000 with
no problems and probably a LOT higher. I'm just leary of going that

Hope this helps some of you out there make a decision on what to use.

Oh yeah, there are no modifications required so you can always just
reinstall your points if you want to.


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