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Little help please. Went to start after sitting about 2 hours and battery was dead, push started with no problem, turned headlights on motor died. Towed home the next morning charged battery car started up and ran fine with headlights on. Has anyone had this problem? How many volts should the generator be putting out?
Thanks Dave

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I dont fiddle too much with the old generator but 13.8 max comes to mind. Follow large red wire to junction block near muffler. That is your main feed. They get corroded and loose. I highly suggest adding a high amp fuse like 50 amps. Because this is a non fused hot wire that goes into dash. Cars have caught fire due to this.
If you have original bak-o lite (plastic) pulley on generator find a metal one. If your car is original plan on some time replacing the wire connectors at junction block and regulator- do not forget the wire at generator. That one is almost always loose. The brass gets brittle and than becomes loose. If in northern Illinois or at times in central Florida stop and visit. Later Gator Wave


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Your not charging.
I install a underdash volt meter on my cars.
as long as Generator is over 12 and under 14 when at speed Im happy, Usually 12 when headlight are on.
Most times its the voltage reg, giving prblems but test generator first,
The manual tells what wires to do what with, I have to read each time I test.
and yes make sure all connections are good and clean etc.
I bounce back and forth to Florida too.Will head down at end of month for a month. Looking for a house with a garage or should I say a Garage with a house.Rons down now at my Moblie home place,with all the parts.Problem there is theres no place for both of us to park all our toys(cars)
In the Mt Dora ,Leesburg area (lots of lakes)the there are 5 winter Amphicar owners! plus all the full time residents within 50 miles(lots)