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Larry & Nancy Solheim

Spent several very pleasant days in Mays Landing at
the East Coast Amphicar "campground" (in back) w/
Billy, Randy, Ginger & assorted cats. Amphi is now
tweaked, tightened, tuned, polished, and quite ready
for the long journey back to the PacNW. I felt like a
dog near a compost pile, just wanting to roll in all
of the good stuff! A great stay. First time I've
hung around a working shop since I retired.

Spent some time investigating suspension issues and
Shock Absorber "bang". Definite severe "topping" from
the Aldan fronts. Problem went completly away when we
removed the Aldan's and replaced them with some
original, used shock assys. Extremely frustrating to
remove $350.00 of new "improved" technology and solve
the problem w/ 40 year old used parts. We were going
to modify some early car upper brackets w/ a stud
mount to fit the thru-hull shock hole and try a set of
the Surplus Center shocks, but Billy didn't have an
extra set of the early car brackets available and we
ran out of time to fab a pair. I will take some
measurements and work with Robert at Aldan this summer
to see we can come up with a lighter spring to work
satisfactorily with the stiffer, gas-enhanced Aldan

Gord's fabricated assemblies took care of the rear
"banging" once proper suspension was obtained in the
front and the removal of some rear swing arm "wobble".

Now we are in Jersey City at the Liberty Bay Marina/RV
Park looking out at the Statue of Liberty from our
site. Pretty impressive. Amphi handled the turnpikes
w/ great aplomb (and lots of honking & waving from
passerbys). Off to tour NYC tomorrow before heading

--Larry, Nancy & Amphi

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