ebay: The last / only "1968" car?!


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Seems to be a perfect restoration, better than new. Many rare original parts.
This car has an early heater so it's not a late car and certainly not the last one.
8 cars titled in 1968 only in the IOAC VIN chart.


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It's a nice restoration but I don't see anything at all that says it's a 1968 car. Of course it shouldn't be so just the paperwork says it's a 68 and nothing else. One other thing, that under tank heater is certainly not "high output". The fender mount version is a much better unit that pushes much more air.

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ebay - nebco21 said:
...correct bilstein jack with correct Amphicar-only handle.
I have this Bilstein jack, which is slightly longer than the jack supplied by Volkswagen. But do not have that special handle.
Does anyone here have a picture of this handle?

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Interesting back story to this car. The restorer owner back in 2007 turned down about $100,000. He felt his car was superior to the $125k Barrett car. Brought to Palm Beach....took a Thursday spot ,bad bad idea.....If not for current owner Steve.....it would have tanked really low....Seller was so dissapointed. To buy an Amphicar and restore to this level would cost more than asking price.

Jon March

It absolutely IS superior in every way to the highest auction cars of the late 2000's.
The problem is that it was a time, a place and a singular fleeting moment of free hedgefund cash before the recession.
- its a 90 thousand dollar car all day.