eBay Motors item 596009781 (Ends Oct-07-01 115209 PDT ) - Triumph Spitfire Mks


David Chapman

That engine looks a reasonable deal, especially if it comes with a receipt
for the work done, the description sounds like someone who knows what there
doing. Somewhere on my web site there are details about what needs to be
done to fit it in Amphi - basically all straightforward.

I'll be in the US at least two or three times in the next year, I'd normally
try and bring some Triumph engine parts but having spoken to people who have
travelled transatlantic since Sept 11th, it sounds like the new airport
security measures in the US mean the days of checking in - or arriving -
with suitcases full of Amphicar parts are over.

Someone mentioned exhaust studs, there are 3 on the bottom of the manifold,
it's often easier to remove the manifold. They are prone to rust, they
should have brass nuts on to avoid corrosion but most people don't seem to
bother and use steel, whatever you use make sure you wipe the studs with
copper grease and they will come out easily next time.

Oh, and if your removing the engine as well you'll often find the brass nuts
under the oil pan - along with other things - I've found spark plugs there,
even a pair of sunglasses, anyone else found anything odd once the engine is
out !

David Chapman in the UK

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Does anyone need an engine for their Amphi?

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