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Canadian four amphs

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I will be heading out for East Coast area on Monday, Feel like I just got back from Evansville.I have ALOT of Parts already at Rons, and will bring all to show,Including all my new made metal parts,see my web site for a list of them.I have a Tangerine interior kit there with NOS tops on the doors..
Also a Blue kit and a Grey(if someone from the North pole Does not take it)
Tonna covers and a Black conv. top.

My email is really gone for the..... so I may have to get a new one , Waiting for my Repair man to come and help me out so best to use phone if you need to get me.
Gord, Please bring a set of top strapping for the Black top I got last summer off your blue car. I had forgotten they werent there til I opened box to get ready for installing it. Thanks, Jack

Canadian four amphs

Amphicar Expert
Note that my signature Just says Gord, now.
I found out thats whats making it hard to cross the border, My adds come up 147000 times with my name.
If you have my full name in any of your Web sites please change to...
GORD... Canadian Amphicars: and leave my last name out of stucture..
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