East Coast Amphicar


For those of you who may be staring at a big pile of amphibious junk in the garage that you never seem to be able to get around to, or who may even be afraid to go into the garage anymore, or for those whose Amphis could simply use a little proper "freshening up," relief is at hand...

Last week I spoke with Billy Syx of the renowned East Coast Amphicar restoration shops in Mays Landing, New Jersey, and he mentioned that he had whittled down his huge backlog of projects enough to begin accepting some new ones. Normally, there's a waiting list of about a year, or even more during the warmer months. So, if you want to be having fun next Summer, don't wait 'til April to call. Billy will come and swoop away your bad amphibious conscience and begin the healing right now.

I'm posting this on Billy's behalf, not just because he doesn't really do the whole "online thing" (I don't think he even has an email address anymore apart from that eca@amphicar.net autoresponder that just replies to all messages with his phone number), but because Billy is the only guy apart from myself that I'll let near my own Amphi "OL' BUOY" with a wrench in my timezone. Now, my "OL' BUOY" may not be the prettiest Amphi out there, but it's the one that makes it to those Celina shindigs under its own steam all the way from Virginia, so that should be enough of a testimonial for Billy right there. Thing is though, you have to CALL Billy for the good stuff: (609) 625-1015.