East Coast Amphicar


Mike Israel

Hi All,

Others have sang the praises of East Coast Amphicar, and Bill Syx is
certainly one of the more memorable figures at any Celina event. Now
it is my turn to add to the accolades.

Unfortunately I was unable to make Celina, in part because my Amphi
ran into some major problems just about the time I would have left.
I called Bill and he told me to bring her down. He actually delayed
his own departure for Celina in order to wait for me to get there and
look over my Amphi.

As many know, Bill will work within an owners budget and the owner
can put in as much expertly guided sweat equity as they are able. In
this case, as he was leaving for Ohio, Bill simply told me, "the
shop is yours while I am away if you want to come down and work on
anything." What other shop on earth would make such a statement!

I should also add that the capabilities of ECA have continuously
improved over the past five years. While the shop does not
appear "hi-tech" on the outside, it is extremely well organized and
has great capabilities to do anything related to the Amphicar. Don,
the body tech, has the ability to practically form a new Amphi from
plain sheetmetal. Bill's mechanical expertise and attention to
detail are top notch. He will give you a full set of options ranging
from a fiberglass patch and new spark plugs, to a complete ground-up

At swim-ins during the past Bill has done many a parking lot repair.
Add my voice to those owners who say "Thanks Bill, you are the
best". Anyone considering work or restoration on their Amphi can not
go wrong bringing it to NJ.

Mike Israel
Amphi List/Digest Admin
65 Amphi (white)