E-mail attachments to list postings have been disabled



Hi All,

In order to help eliminate the possibility of viruses being
transmitted via the list I have disabled the ability to include
attachments on messages posted to the list. Any attachments
included with messages will be automatically discarded.

A review of past postings indicates that very few people actually
use this feature. The main benefit in disabling this option is that
persons who are unknowingly passing on e-mail viruses will no longer
be sending them to the list. Of course you should still use anti-
virus software since you could be infected via direct e-mail from
someone else (list member or not).

Do note that you may still post pictures and such to the Files
section of the group which offers better virus scanning options on
both upload and download.

Hope this helps, I think it will.

Mike Israel
List / Digest Admin
65 Amphi (white)