"dying at idle"



Well I finally got my Amphi back. Since the end of April I tried to fix my
"dying at idle" problem. The car would start but then after a few seconds
it would die when idling. Thinking it was a vacuum leak; I pulled the
carburetor and put new gaskets from the carb to the intake manifold. The
problem didn't change. So I changed the wires, rotor and distributor cap
and cleaned the plugs. The problem got worse. Now it would sputter if I
revved up the engine AND it still died at idle.

I called a fellow Amphi owner and he suggested that I take it to his
long-time friend that restores vintage cars. He was the guy that helped him
pull his engine and transmission when he needed new mounts.

I took Amphi to him and less that a month later it works. After he re-tuned
Amphi the sputtering problem had cleared up (I had wired cylinders 2 & 3 in
reverse). However, he still had the "dying at idle" problem. He then
rebuilt the carburetor but the "dying at idle" problem persisted. He was
finally able to look at another Amphi's carburetor and found the Pilot Air
Jet screw missing. Apparently, when Amphi was hitting speeds of 65 mph the
screw had vibrated out of its socket.

I took it for a ride and swim last night and it worked flawlessly. I plan
on further land and water testing this weekend and then cleaning it up for
the Trip to Celina. I've had Amphi for two years now and the only time I
wash it, is when it goes in the lake.

-- Warren
'66 White "FLOATS"