Duck Boat Tragedy - Be careful out there

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As you have likely seen, there was another Duck Boat tragedy this weekend.

This is a good reminder to put safety first. Over the years I have seen more than one Amphicar that should not be in the water at all (I remember one at Celina with a half dozen bilge pumps spewing simultaneously). Likewise, have seen others out in the water in weather conditions that were simply foolish or even reckless.

I would not be surprised if this latest incident spells the end of commercial Duck Boat operations. All it takes is a few foolish, but well publicized incidents, to have states from prohibiting all amphibious vehicles (it has almost happened in some). This goes not only for safety but for things like emptying an oily bilge to create a slick on a pristine lake.

Be careful out there. It is the lives of yourselves and loved ones at stake.