"Duck" adventures


Al Heath

Another fabulous newsletter has made the press and a big round of applause
for Marc! Thanks for all the work you do for the club. A couple of issues
ago after the spring Austin swim-in, Dan and Kathy hinted about the story
of my Amphi towing a "duck" at the Austin swim-in, with a promise of a
followup story in another newsletter. We were saving it for a newsletter,
but seems it never quite makes it to publication. So anyway, I made the
private link a public one on my website for those that might want to read
it. <http://www.amphicar.net/aboat2/Austin2004/duck/quackers.htm>

Danzamphi's piece on the joys of splashing reminds me of the fun we have at
the fall Grapevine Lake swim-in, such as the water wheelie
<http://www.amphicar.net/aboat2/DFWswim2003/pic224.jpg> or
<http://www.amphicar.net/aboat2/DFWswim2003/pic224.jpg> or
<http://www.amphicar.net/aboat2/DFWswim2003/pic221.jpg>. Ah heck, while
you're at the site, browse all the pictures from last years DFW swim-in at
Grapevine Lake <http://www.amphicar.net/aboat2/DFWswim2003/index.htm>and
consider coming to Dallas/Fort Worth to join us this Oct 15-17 for more

Al H.

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