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Friends of Mermaid & I had some visitors
yesterday. A family from Naples Italy who
couldn't help but admire the cute little blue
classic car in our driveway. I offered them
a quick ride around the block and by chance
found ourselves at the lake boat launch ramp.
These folks spoke very little English, but I did
understand them speak the words for "ducks
& geese." I figured they might like a closer
look at local water fowl so I edged Amphi
down to within 5 feet of the waters edge.
One of the Italians ladies pointed at a green
mallard floating 20 foot off shore so I gunned
Amphi into the water - huge splash and urgent
cries of "Mamma Meeya!" "Mamma Meeya!"
And then a rapid succession of Italian words
I'd never heard before, looks of panic and
shock in the rear view mirror. The co-pilot
translated to the others, "She is a boat-car
and we will float safely." Another serge of
Italian words and then tremendous laughter.
Deep hardy belly arching laughter. I started
to explain the concept of April Fools and
Amphi fun, but it was lost in the translation.
The lasagna feast that followed and my ever
refilled wine glass told me our guests loved
Amphi almost as much as I do.

`64 Turquoise
Insane D-Eggo, CA