Dubo, nylon sealing washers

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Hi All,

We've just received a new shipment of dubo nylon crush sealing
washers. They're the seals which fit inside the metal lip washer at
the rear bumpers and the propeller shaft housings. Cost is still
$1.73 (part numbers 11-35-16 and 3-19-18). These seals keep water
from wicking up the bolt threads, rusting the nuts to the bolts.

More new goodies under development: (1) Solex carburetors, original
type, (2) Solex/Zenith carburetors, replacement, (3) Solex HI-
performance carburetors with automatic chokes (these carburetors will
give you a 5 mph higher top speed and faster acceleration in all
gears), (4) assorted mouldings, (5) lower radiator shrouds, (6)
cupped, HI-performance propellers. Most of these parts will be
available for inspection and limited purchase at Celina, OH. Again,
please let us know what you want produced.