Driving to Florida to see family, friends and of course Grandpa wave!!!



Hello all,

Kay and I and of course Min-Pin Bernie(dog)will be traveling down to
Florida this coming Saturday night/Sunday morning via mini camper van.
I haven't done the Florida drive for over 10 years... First we will
meeting Brad and Jill Swager from Minnesota in the Orlando area and we
want to hang out with them and any other amphibians in the area(just
let me know.)Then its off to Grandpa Wave's place to grab some of his
famous medicine(you know what I'm talking about if you know him... And
Dave I'll have a shot for You!!! Hopefully we can get inside the chimp
farm with him... Then off to the Tampa/Clearwater area to visit
family... And possible suprise attack on Tommy in Tampa to see what new
odd boat/cars he has picked up.. If any amphibians in the area want to
hang out, just let me know... I could always go for a ride in one on
water since mine has been stored since October and where the heck can
you go in the midwest in a Amphicar in the winter. (maybe Ice
fishing!!!)Then Its off to Fort Myers, Naples and Marco Island... hope
to see some of my Florida friends during our week in the climate I am
so jealous of... John (Cigarman) Capone