Dripping gas from the Carb

Discussion in 'General Amphicar Discussion' started by DAVIS,BRIAN R, Apr 3, 2001.


    Does anyone know why my Solex Carb would drip gas from the throttle
    butterfly onto the manifold after driving for 5 or so miles? It's NOT a
    steady dripping, just some dampness at the throttle valve, and two visible
    marks on the manifold where it dripped.

    At idle it's fine. But it will slowly drip gas from the throttle linkage
    (rear of carb) as well as from the front side. It doesn't do this while I'm
    watching, but only after I close the hood, and drive off for a few miles.

    I've completely rebuilt the carb and everything looks fine. (It had this
    problem before I rebuilt it too).

    The only thing I can figure is that maybe the throttle shaft is worn and gas
    is leaking out there. (But wouldn't the vacuum of the air rushing down the
    throat suck IN any excess gas, rather than letting it leak out?)

    Thanks, Brian Davis
  2. Moses, Scott, Civ

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Solex (Zenith) Carbs. Your throttle
    shaft and Carb body are worn. I did a quick (temp) fix. I removed the
    butterfly and slid the shaft out about a half inch. Then I tinned the
    brass shaft with solder. Not a lot just a thin coating. Slowly work the
    shaft back in while twisting. It will take up some of the gap and it
    should stop the leaking.

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