Dreadlocks & Fins...

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Dreadlocks & Fins;

He had dreadlocks to the middle of his back
and wore the Jamaican colors proudly. In a
heavy Jamaican accent he asked, "Hey mon,
why is da seaweed on ya buggy?" There was in
fact a massive amount of fresh water weeds
clinging to Amphi's front bumper and steering
rods. I knew this guy had potential as a passenger
so Amphi & I proceeded to play him like a harp.
I then went on to explain how I know this lake
area very well and even when the water level is
high I still know where the old road is. So the
Jamaican man then asked a battery of questions
about Amphi, none of which even hinted about
amphibious capabilities. We, Amphi & I that is,
knew we had a live one here. Magically the passenger
door opened and we beckoned him in for a ride. Half
way down the ramp our passenger introduces himself
as "Rosstah." We took the entry very slow... front
wheels bobbed up... floating half way... rear wheels
bobbed... floating... floating... floating... Rosstah
is now getting suspicious about me and Amphi and this so
called road beneath us. Then I learn over and engage
the propellers. Rosstah lets loose with a howl and hearty
laugh and a clear statement of, "Oh mon, you be pulling
me legs." Twenty minutes later back on dry land... our
new friend is checking out Amphi like a newly escaped
convict in a brothel. Marveling at the twin props. Then he
asked if there are any new amphibious vehicles in production.
I told him there a few prototypes and some small scale
manufacturing here and there but none have the classic fins
of the Amphicar.
Rosstha cried out, "No mon, you gotta have da fins to swim!"
Amphi beamed with pride and so we gave him a second ride.

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA

PS - another fine Amphicar newsletter has hit the mailbox!
Thanks to Marc and everyone who contributes to that
classic periodical. I cherish them almost as much as
Amphi's pink slip. Happy Labor Day my fine finned friends!