Dr. Seuss & Amphi (Part II)

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Dr. Seuss & Amphi (Part II)

I Love My Amphi

I love my Amphi. I love the fins!
I love the way my Amphi swims.
I love my propellers, they are the best!
I love to go swimming, no time to rest.

I love my lake and its location.
Amphi makes every day a vacation!
I love my interior, faded and stained.
I love my anchor, roped and chained.
I think my Amphi is really swell,
Nothing else can swim so well.

I love to swim among the reeds.
I love the care that Amphi needs.
I love my horn, I love its sound,
Everyone come gather around.
I love my dashboard and all its knobs
I love to share rides? even with snobs.

I love my Amphi, I really do.
I'm sure you love your Amphi too.
I love to enter with a splash,
Waving to the camera's flash.
I love my launch ramp, I love the slope
If you love your Amphi, you're no dope.
I love to bilge upon the beach,
And thanks for reading what I preach.

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA