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Its over!!!!!!!!!!
Believe it or not we got WINDED out on Sat, the wind was right up the ramp with white caps all day, a few went in at the end of the 1 oclock parade.
it was 91 deg, but wind at shore keep us cool.(some even had jackets on)
13 cars in all,
Sunday, I went back to the show, it was still raining and only Peter was there, and he left a few Min, after I arived, water was calm and I went in for a swim,On way out,I was stopped on Ramp, Making car stall and slide back into water, and told I could not use the Ramp.I was planning on staying for a few hours as the sun was trying to come back out,but after this episode I left
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I will be there getting in Thursday with motorhome at lake Harris lodge

Doug Parsons

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Less than a week to the 1st swim in of 2009!
I have printed out a map of the all day swim planned for Friday 27th.
I will leave copys at Inn on the Green, and Harris lodge, and at our spot at the show,
We will be leaving at 10 sharp from Inn on the Green in Tavares.Lunch at the locks on the Haines River(gatar Bar and Grill)latecomers can meet us there by road.
No one has called me yet to say if there going, I need to Know to res. tables there.
I do have a spare bedroom for that weekend at my Fl, winter home.
Gord Souter


Chris & I will do the Friday swim. Do you plan on driving from the Inn on the Green to Haines Creek or swimming across Lake Eustis? Ray

Canadian four amphs

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We will be starting our swim at the Dead River, at the ramp at the rest at the Palms. then swimming across Lake Eustis and up the Haines creek, that will take us to noon, for lunch, latecomers can meet us there by road.
Typing out the weekend Program now.

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FRIDAY>>>Well we didn't get away at 10... more like 11 and got back to the boat show at 5pm,most everything was closing down, most went off to lake Haris lodge to party the night away, but my healing leg draws alot of energy out of me so off home to shower and cool off for the night.
On the all day river cruise we had 7 amphicars and 18 peolpe.None were the local year round residents of Florida.Lunch at Gator Bay was very good with a few gators going by as we ate.WOW.
much better than hanging around a parking lot.. everyone enjoyed themselfs.
Now for Saturday..............

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Over too soon. We got started about midnight Thursday. Friday Gord put together a cruise. Great seeing some new parts. Friday night ended perfectly at The Hide away. Saturday we took water to show and took water back. Mild breezes not really too windy at all. As usual a couple of the yellow shirts (Sunny Boat Club ) need to bark and swear. I truly do not understand how someone with so much can be so unhappy. Once again we did less boat show and was better for it. Back to reality here with real winds and cold rain. brrrrr. Later Dave the Wave