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I also had a sinking at the ramp after my maiden voyage due to a
problem with sealing doors.
My trouble was not with the 2 rubber gaskets (which both need to be
there) I put a thick black trim molding on the seam of the door
opening that caused the door to not close properly. First time in
the water, and the bilge pump also did not prime, which left me with
the false illusion that there was no water in the bilge. Kept close
to shore, but went far enough that there was water on the feet, and
as I came up the ramp the fan was spraying water. The water comes in
unnoticed, you really cannot see it filling the bilge. Car stalled
and tranny also full of water, I got pulled out by a truck with a
closeline and drained the whole mess. Drove the 15 miles home,
removed the black trim, and the seals have never let in that kind of
water again. Had to drain tranny, pull axles and replace double
seals. A month later I got to go on a second ride in the water.
I also was in the back seat of the Amphipoda brown wonder door
adventure. We all had soggy green socks. Celina memories.