door memory


Dave Derer

The Brown Wonder started off with sealed shut doors. Then July 4th
weekend new doors that open and close were installed. With out Family I
head to river. In and out with no problems. Still very new to
Amphicaring every entry raises heart beat. Every landing on shore brings
sense of relief and anticipation for next entry. Not paying enough
attention I close and water lock door. Boat dock is packed with people
watching. I decide to show off and hit water hard. Door pops open. Water
gushes in. I panic and try to shut door but did not realize water latch
is down so it bounces open. Because of turning radius I have to back up
to hit ramp. Water really comes in. Car is sinking fast now. Strange
slow motion feeling. A huge extend a boom semi style tow truck shows
up. Some how car makes it to top of ramp and stalls. Air cleaner is
filled with water from fan spray. That is one of a thousand or so
favorite Amphicar memories.

Hey Amphipoda, remember Celina! Talk about a leaky door!

Roger as some things go we just dont want you to make same mistakes we
have made. In taking hours and hours to fix ,clean, and upgrade
something, it is considered Amphicar Therapy. Making both the owner and
the Amphi better. Later Dave the Wave