Greetings all,
I know this subject has come up in the past but I thought I would
share with you my door experience. Two weeks ago, I took Amphi out for
a water test (#4). The passenger door was leaking about two gallons a
minute. Drivers door was dry as a bone. When I got home, I closed the
door with a dollar placed between the seals. It was easy to move the
dollar front to rear and I couldn't move it on the vertical seals.
Back to the drawing board!

The door has been at my body man's shop for a week now for a do-over.
I brought him the passenger door from my other Amphi to take
measurements. It doesn't take a lot of error to have leaks. The bottom
of the door is bowed outward and one hinge had to be relocated.
It appears that he has a cure for fixing the door. He built an angle
iron frame to suspend it so nothing moves. With the other door there
for measuring, he should have sucess by tomorrow.

My whole point to this post is if you ask your bodyman to rebuild your
doors, kindly and clearly explain to him or her that the
reconstruction of the doors is critical. It's more critical than
quartes, jack points and hoods! I wish I would have spent more time
discussing this with him. It is his first Amphicar and now he knows
the importance of exact reproduction.

Once that is cured, it's off to the lake for test number 5. Then
onward and forward to Byron, Illinois!

Brian Crombie