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David R. Adams

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<font size="2">I'm new to the group so I thought I would introduce myself. </font>
<font size="2">I dont have one yet (wife and three little kids and too many toys already) , but I wanted one since I first saw one as a kid.. Saw something about it on TV one night and my interest was rekindled. Thought I'd try the internet and see what info/newsgroups were out there. I'll keep working on my wife--and my bank account-- but will get one one day. Until then, I'll be reading and watching. One comment--after reading the great FAQ on the group website, what will happen when the last transmission dies and there are no more parts?</font>
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<font size="2">DAVID R. ADAMS</font>
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<font size="2">Chery Hill NJ </font>

David Chapman

> what will happen when the last transmission dies and there are no more

It's not a problem, everything on the Amphicar can be made, including all
parts of the transmission, it's just a question of economics. These days
most people repair transmissions while just 10 years ago they were replaced
and in some cases the old ones were thrown away. As Amphicars increase in
value (and worldwide it tends to be inflation plus a bit each year) then
making parts becomes more economical.

If you buy a new car today then because of the electronics and technology in
it you know it will have a finite life - typically less than 20 years -
whereas Amphicar can go on forever and the engine is simple enough to be
adapted to run on alternative fuels in the future.

The biggest threat to the Amphicar is political/legal/environmental. Powered
cars and boats are increasingly being restricted around the world, it's more
of a problem here in Europe where the anti-car culture is very strong but
it could happen there.

David Chapman in the UK
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