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Dan B and I picked up a car in Melborne Fl. yesterday,This fellow had just bought the car recently.He had some problems and almost sunk the car(forgot the door lock when in water) yea we've all done it.
Any way he needs some repairs now and we gave the car a quick look over before winching it on trailer.As a whole the car looked good,real neat interor in grey cloth,etc,but front wheels were really toed out, found long tie rod ass, bent bad, must have picked up a heavy branch in his ordeal as he said would not steer at all.As we were looking at this we could not believe what we saw on the shocks, a hole was driled in bottom to let fld out and a wierd outsde of spring ass, atached to keep height of car stable.No boots on rear axles, and who knows what else we will find.. WOW!
ANYBODY BUYING A amphicar should have some in the know inspect the car first, even if it means paying them to travel and inspect them at past owners location.Pictures are just not good enough!
I;ve seen many coverups.
Lets throw some reccommendations out there for new buyers, things to look for when buying restored cars(repaired)
eg,, check the steering box for frame crackes and execess play.


Cap'n John

I have traveled to many states to inspect a lot of Amphicars and have seen some ad-hoc repairs like that before. Every time I tell them "if you spend money for me to inspect the car and it's a good car, it's money well spent. If it's a bad car, then it's money well spent."

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Truth is people assume it will be bad. They buy, bring here and leave happy. Most do not want to be talked out of a purchase. Glad to see you are getting back home Cap'N ! Later Dave the Wave


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To me the best Amphicars will always be well kept originals. These cars were built well and a quality original should not leak even a drop. If you are lucky enough to find one with a solid original deck lid, hood, doors etc. don’t wait, buy it if you can. The best confirmation of the above is if the same car has its original quarter panels. You should hope for this. It’s the best sign of all and even if they are in need of repair it really confirms the car and the rust free status of the rest of it.
On the other hand if you do want to have one restored be thankful we have the amphicar restorers on this list and in the club. They are knowledgeable, honest and will be willing to help you in any way possible. They know these cars and how to do one right.
We hope to get to a couple of events this year to see more of our amphi friends. The newsletters have also been very well done. Thanks!
Hi to all.

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I think were on the road to recovery, Many people have been phoning me looking to buy Amphicars,Canadians were not hit as hard as a whole, but just held on to there money, now there ready to start speading it around a bit and have had some calls from some of them, Before it was almost 100% US calls. anyway..
I have opened up a section on my web page for AMPHICARS FOR SALE
1 good pic, and a blip about the cars overall condition and price , and contact info.anyone whishing to use this to sell there Amphi, can at no charge,Also if your looking to buy I can do the same, Quote what your looking for(Amphicar only) contact info etc.
There is 1 there now Forsale..
email me info at( I am on slow mail so please only 1 good small pic,.


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This Melbourne car(I looked up the Sp,)is in my shop now and has been for a few weeks.The shocks are a nightmare! took a day to cut all the brackets off to retrieve the springs. every bushing is worn out.1st car I have done with really bad swing arms shafts and bushings.21-9 and 10 as well as snub axle 21-2.It has the the big 30mm U joints in it and I have found a replacement with 30.20 mm and a good greese nipple in it. have a few being machined down to fit., Stuff like that is hard to see in a quick car inspection when buying a car.


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this car has bias ply WWW Cookers, look good, lots of tread.
but what an awfull ride. all my Amphis have radials and the comparison is just unbelievable. smoother ride, less pulling and jerking.
Reg tires on an Amphicar must have the lower pressure, exp. in fronts.
Radials thou should all be kept to at least 30 lbs.(its printed right on the tires) I have used both BF GOODRICH and Dimond backs and are happy with both.
Canadian Amphicars.
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