I had my own experiance again here in Ohio a few weeks ago it seems
when I went to register my boat tags for the car they said I had to
have a title for a boat but i don;t have a boat title I have a car
title (here we go)

DMV well if you dont have a boat title you can't get a boat license.

Frustrated Amphi Owner: But I already have a boat license and I don't
have a boat title

Dmv but you can't have a boat license with out a boat title

FAO: but you gave me one 3 years ago here is the number

DMV But how did you get it with out a boat title

FAO: I have a car title and you registered it to that

DMV : I have to call Columbus

FAO: (getting stares from every 1 in line waiting for this lone
employee in the office )

DMV: he says he has a car and a boat and he needs a boat license
I told him that he had to have a boat title for a boat license
I know I never heard of such a goofy thing either
But he already has a boat sticker and boat license
and a car license
ok I will hold

FAO: (head on hands cying) Hold at the dmv is like drive thru hell
MCy D's

Dmv Yes I was talking to ***** and she is looking up info on a car
and a boat.
Yes I know he needs a boat title but he doesnt have a boat title he
has a car title.
I dont know I will ask him

DMV is the car still 16 feet long

FAO ( trying to be clever and maybe get away without a boat license)
No I think it is under 14 feet it has shrunk 2 feet from being i
the water.

DMV oh don;t say that Columbus will make yougo to Springfield(an hour
away) and get it measured.

FAO ok it is 16 feet long

DMV yes he says it is still 16 feet long un huh mmhmm ok ok ok

Dmv they say we will just do another registration again and not worry
about it

FAO (every 1 in the dmv office starts cheering as she goes over to a
manual typewriter and starts my registration from scratch

Dmv name / address /etc etc etc Horse Power

FAO Horsepower ( light comes on after listening to bilgey sermon on
hrse power conversion and stickers I quickly answer 9 to which she
type it in and now I have a Boat license for another 3 years and it
is rated as 9hp on a official state document take that mr ranger


P.S. Hey A~poda maybe the california DMV monitors this forum hmmmmmmm