DMV hell for Amphipoda? again!



Every year it's someting new from
my friends at the Department of
Motor Vehicles... this year was no

The folks at our DMV are the best?
well, at least they try hard. Amphi
was due in April for road vehicle
registration, but I never got the
renewal notice. Boat rego is still
good until 2004. Anyway, after a
45 minute DMV automated hell phone
call, mostly on hold, I ended up
making an appointment. Of course
I got the new guy, a trainee with
training wheels and his mentor Ms.
Broom Hilda. The photos of Amphi
went over very well, but did little
to rejuvenate Amphi's legitimacy on
the roadways. Broom Hilda with
trainee in tow consulted the great
DMV oracle (a.k.a. the DMV book
of codes & regulations). I was now
deep in DMV hell, time stops and all
energy is drained. Time passes ever
so slowly, 10 minutes, 15, 30, 40,
45 minutes. Then another clerk,
we'll call her "Smilie Face," tried to
lend a helping hand, but she burst out
laughing at Amphi's photos. No wait,
it gets better? then 3 other clerks
have to see what is so friggin funny.
So now 6 DMV clerks are flipping out
on Amphi photos and simultaneously
flipping though the DMV code book.
Meanwhile other customers are flippin
me the bird for taking over the place.
Again time passes ever so slowly, 10
minutes, 15, 20? then suddenly the
DMV supervisor comes out of her
office, we'll call her "Red Thunder,"
and demands to know what the hell
is going on?! So Broom Hilda and
Smilie Face point to the photos, point
to the code book and do the shoulder
shrug thing. Supervisor Red Thunder
knows Amphi? there is a God? and
5 minutes later I got my renewal sticker,
no late penalties, and was on my way.
Thanks Red, I owe ya an Amphi ride.

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA