DKW Steering Wheel, etc.


Bill Connelly

Go look on ebay at the DKW Auto Union and see if you don't think the
steering wheel looks an aweful lot like an Amphi's. And at $425, what an
interesting fellow Berlin-er (not the doughnut) to keep Amphi company.



Yes indeed, that auction for what looks like it could be an 1960 Auto Union
DKW Model 3=6 at:

...has a lot of very familiar-looking stuff in its interior. Not only the
steering wheel, but the turn signal switch stalk and even the instruments
look rather "familiar", don't they? Just for the future Archival record
after the auction page has disappeared, I've lobbed a copy of the large
image of the interior from the auction at for folks to be able to refer to
later. The DKW Model 3=6 was unusual in that it had a three-cylinder

As for "DKW", which later became "Audi", this is not to be confused with
"DWM" the parent company of Amphicar. In case one is interested, among
other websites there is one for a "DKW Owners Club of America" at .

The Berlin-based "DWM" of Amphicar association stood in the 1960s, during
Amphicar production, for "Deutsche Waggon- und Maschinenfabrik GmbH"
(="German Wagon and Machines Factory"), but before 1952 it had existed since
1896 as the somewhat less pacific "Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken
AG" (="German Weapons and Munitions Factories"), and was owned throughout by
the Quandt family. Among other items, DWM produced famous Lugers that are
highly sought after by collectors. The company went on to become known as
"Waggon-Union" and continued to produce subway trains and the double-decker
buses seen to this day in Berlin. There's a nice little article in German
on DWM and Amphicars from the Rhein Zeitung newspaper found at