Distributor cap - 2 styles?

Jon March

My car has the push on wires - most seems to have side-entry ones?

what is that? whats are the pros/cons?

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I've got the push on ones too. I had someone help me troubleshoot a misfire that was caused by my cap with the side terminals. I think the one we put on was from an MG. It's been working great for the last 3 years. I think the disadvantage of the side terminal would be if the contact screw loosened and lost connectivity. The disadvantage of the push on type is that it isn't original. I'm not sure what my next cap will be but I'm not rushing to change back to original.


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The pin that punctures the wire, on a side terminal type cap, has a very small point of contact and can occasionally burn that point and cause a problem. I fixed this by driving a straight pin up the center of the wire. Now the puncture pin in the cap makes contact with the straight pin and the straight pin spreads the contact along the center conductor of the wire. Problem solved.

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