Disney-cars muffler location

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Jon March

All - i was watching a Youtube of a car at the Orlando "Boathouse" ride attraction, and the mufflers seem to be mounted in the radiator compartment - what are the advantages, and if recommended, any pics on how its done?


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The Disney cars are heavily modified. For instance: Fuel injection, reversed cooling air flow, new engine hood, more space for backseat passengers, no soft top.
Florida 2015 026.JPG A redesigned very wide louver is on the forward part of the hood and the grills face forward for the "Intake". Cold air is sucked in, passes over the engine and then is pulled into the shroud by the new cooling fan. Passes through the radiator and next over the muffler before exiting through louvers over the radiator shroud that are redesigned to face backwards for the hot air from the engine, radiator and muffler to exit. They say it works really well. Not good in rain since the air intake louver will dump water directly on the engine, distributor, wires etc.