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I have some very sad news. Disney will NOT allow you to go into the lake. I have tried and tried to no avail. It is not from a safety perspective but from a "looks" perspective. They don't want their other guests to be bothered or something like that. I never got a real answer.

Here's what happened. The Mustangs club and myself signed the contract over Christmas allowing us access to the whole property including the common areas, ie the lake. However since we could not fulfill the obligations of filling all of the rooms within a certain time frame, Disney started to release some rooms to the public, therefore we lost the whole property rights, ie the lake. Since the car show is confined to a section, the lake is not part of it. Therefore they won't allow you to use it. It is extremely unreasonable to me since I know the excitement that you guys draw but they won't even discuss it nor a good reason for it. So I am left with this explanation.

I am deeply saddened by this and I appreciate your support. I would still like you to come, however I understand if you want to cancel. I will refund your money that you paid me. I will have no negative feelings on your cancellation. Someday I will try again to have you join our car shows.

Tara Bush