Dirt Ramps...


Craig Taylor

I'd like to hear about some experiences on dirt ramps. The series of
three lakes that I live on, they are connected by two man made
channels, have only two concrete ramps. Both are on the other end of
the lake from my house, about seven miles away. All the other ramps are
dirt or gravel at various restaurants and bars with a few personal
ramps here and there. The nearest ramp to my house is a mile away. I'll
be doing allot of experimenting this summer and hope to build a ramp at
my house. I know the lake fairly well in regard to shallow spots and
such. As some of you may know I use a boat to get to the house in the
summer time. That brings up my next question. There was a discussion a
few weeks ago about cold weather swimming. I expect to do a fair amount
of that up here. With a mile long ride to the nearest ramp, where the
morning paper gets delivered, I like the idea of using the Amphi on
those cold fall mornings for the paper run rather them my old glasstron
which does not have a heater. It can be real cold on a rainy foggy fall
morning. The commute is not through the middle of the lake. I can make
the run along the shore line so if the worst happens I wont be far from
shore. Just wondering how well the car will deal with swimming when it
get below freezing at night but warms up during the day. I have had
some problems with my boats. Bilge pump lines, steering cables and the
like freezing over night. Thanks for listening to me ramble.
Craig in Alaska