Jim Oliver


the body shop i trusted to work on my amphi did a major botch job. the rear
quarters were replaced from the wheel well back including the flat area
under the muffler and battery. patch panels were all "welded" in wrong, or
not welded at all.

for a while i thought i might be able to salvage some of the work they did,
including some of the patch panels. unfortunately, after talking with
several other car guys, i have no option but to cut out all there "work" and
start over. :-(

i am looking forward to doing the work even though i still get upset when i
think of the hack job done on my (formerly) near ready for the water amphi.
urghhh....... slowly he turned.... step by step... inch by inch...

anyway, because i don't have the original sheet metal in place to use as a
reference, i don't know exactly where the mounting holes for the rear loop
bumpers are supposed to be.

does anyone out there have dimensions or a car with the original rear sheet
metal still in place? i need to locate the holes relative to the square
tubing at the back end.



'67 white - still not floating :-(