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Hi everybody,
Somehow I'm missing Digest Numbers 190 and 191(lost on my AOL account), so if
someone replied to my question can any member forward me a copy of their
response in 190 or 191 please.

I have a leaking fuel valve/trap on the bottom of the fuel tank. I have
replaced the O-ring (p/n 8-27-02aL) on top of the fuel trap (1.25in), but
fuel now seems to come out of the valve itself. Hugh is offering a new
valve/trap for $100, but is not able to sell me parts to repair the valve
itself, as he gets them fully assembled. Question is, is there another
0-ring in the valve, and what size should I get before disassembling the
valve and trying to rebuild it ?. By the way my fuel lever can fully rotate
360 deg from inside the car. I believe that its only supposed to go 180 deg

Thanks in advance
Paul Senior

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