Different kinda culture



Different kinda culture

Amphi is pretty jealous of Mermaid's
new toy. I guess it's understandable
really, having a new/old Jaguar around
is taking away from Amphi's spotlight.
We didn't swim at all this weekend.
But we did attend the SD Jaguar Club's
Concourse d' Elegance... and actually
won a second place prize under the
XKE "driven" class. Average age in
the Jag club is 70+. No splashing, no
touching, no fins, no propellers, but
a lot of very serious judging. Having
never had a car judged before, it
seemed rather intrusive. Points are
deducted for stuff you wouldn't even
know about - Sheesh! Anyway, it
was a very different crowd, but my
dear Mermaid wife (aka Jag Queen) is
mighty proud of her car. Truth be
told... she prefers Amphi people and
so do I. Hopefully the Amphi club will
not get too big or too anal retentive and
spoil all the fun. Amphi folks rule!!!

`64 turquoise
San Diego, CA

PS - if you'd like to drop Mermaid a
congratulatory line, her e-mail is...