Design Change for Transmission Shift Linkage?


Arnold Hite

I thought I was about an hour from having my 64 Amphi back together for a
road test. I had the transmission out to replace all of the bearings.
Putting it back in was going o.k. until I got to the part where the shifter
rod (11-43-22) slides into a support brace (11-43-25) on the transmission.
The problem is that the shifter rod is about 1" short of reaching to the
support brace. Since I have two cars, I have been following the assembly on
the other car, which is a 1966. The shifter rod reaches fine in that car.
To complicate matters the support brace I've installed on the 64 was not
installed when I took the transmission out. Instead it was in a box of
spare parts that came with the car. Now I'm beginning to wonder if the
support brace doesn't belong on this car and some other poor guy has got an
Amphicar that shifts poorly and he's wondering why.
There is a short note in the repair manual on page 11/15 about a
redesign lengthening the "operating shaft" but it doesn't mention the
addition of the support bracket. Also, I have noticed that on the 1964
there is a support sleave for the shifter rod mounted on one of the floor
frame braces. That sleave does not exist on the 1966. Can anyone confirm
that I don't need part 11-43-25 on the 64.

Arnold Hite

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