Depth / water speed gauge in clock hole


Anyone ever come acrross a depth/water speed gauge that fit the dash clock hole and had a classic look and style to match the Amphicar dash?


Most depth guages are 2 1/8th hole
Faria makes a Pilot Digital multifuntion guage
it is 3 3/8 hole ours is 3 1/8th so would have to file out
come in black, white,or gold background
Pilot 1 has.. seedometer,trip log,timers, volts, air and water temp.,depth sounder,
Pilot #2 comes with all the engine and fuel info
looks like they are sold as a pair and a little expensive.. Over $600.00
Keep in mind I have a repair program for regutting your clock. looks like original, 1.5 v battery operated for $75.00 I also now have new chrome rings for cluster and speedometer