December Swim



What a great day here in Dayton Ohio 72 degrees it was so nice i took
the afternoon off and decided to go swimming, So with newspaper and
my stern mag in hand went down to the lake and found only a few
intresting things.

1. No one at the dock asking if this car floats

2. Thinking I was the most unique thing on the lake in december until
I pass the beach area and there was a naked 290 pound man swimming
and running around (this is not a joke) in the lake.

3. Pulling up the jet ski ramp and running into Mr. Ranger and
finding out he goes to my church her in Waynesville and loves the car
and I can do no wrong on this lake.

4. Just floating in the middle of lake with the Stern Magazine and
listening to christmas carols and wishing I spoke German.

As they say on the mastercard commercials Priceless

And who says that Joe and Carol aren't the real Santa Clause?????

If not thanks a million you made my day