Day Dreaming in Alaska


Craig Taylor

I'm going nuts up here to get this car in the water!!!
I have been working on stuff and should be ready come break up. I will
need to build a ramp at the house this summer. I read somthing in the
archives about shiering rear axle pins when driving out when the rear
wheels contact a steep ramp at speed. What is the difference in speed
between props and wheels in first gear. I assumed they were close
enough to not matter. I guess that would depend on how steep the ramp
is and how fast the car slows down when the front wheels make contact.
I guess I'm answering my own question here. :) My lake has alot of
dirt ramps that I hope to use. Most of them are for the lake front
BTW: I will be in Houston from March 18th to the 24. I wont have a lot
of time on my hands, I'm taking an API tank inspection exam, but would
love to go for a swim some evening if anyone is in the area. Sorry I
can't make it to the swim in that weekend. I'm thinking about cashing
in my airline milage and going to Celina this year. All depends if I
can get the time off work. It'll be a spur of the moment trip if it
works out. I'll bring a sleeping bag and camp out near a ramp.:)