Dave, you were right



I was not myself, but that was just the end
of LAST YEAR. I was very ill and busier
than a baby beaver in a toothpick factory.
Not to worry mate, I'm still an amphibian.
I still have my Amphi in the driveway, and
I still have gills at the base of my pencil
neck. It's a New Year... I'm healthy now
and ready for amphibious silliness once again.

Amphi announced some New Years resolutions
I will now pass unto you my fine finned

1) Always stop my wheels before engaging
my propellers.
2) If in presence of arrogant fisherman
display well manicured middle finger.
3) Give park rangers rides, for they alone
hold the keys to the lake entrance gate.
4) Never swim on a full tummy or on an
empty gas tank.
5) Only bilge in seclusion or directly onto
6) Avoid duck season? especially if
your horn sounds "quack" like.
7) Do not exceed posted speed limits
unless being chased by pirate jet boat.
8) Attend regional swim-in events if
only to see the latest in swim fashion.
9) Pretend each voyage will be your last
fore someday you'll be right.
10) Purchase every conceivable gadget
for Amphi until your credit limit is
doubled, then purchase a second Amphi.


Amphipoda (in search of Jaguar E-Type)
'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA

PS - Still no clue about when History
Channel Modern Marvels will air our
San Diego Amphi five gathering???